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Our Caregivers

At Tender Mercies, we understand that it’s not easy to bring an unfamiliar face into your home to provide care. We work to make this transition a positive experience by working to match one of our highly qualified caregivers with your care needs. We believe that a good match between client and caregiver is essential for peace of mind.


We match our caregivers based on a person’s individuals needs.  At Tender Mercies we select only the most qualified caregivers to be a part of our team. We thoroughly screen and vet all applicants before we consider them for employment.

Our caregivers are bonded, insured, and continually trained for the sole purpose of providing the highest level of care to our clients. Tender Mercies caregivers exhibit the utmost professionalism and are caring and dependable. Our compassionate caregivers also adhere to the highest ethical standards. Their goal is to be a dependable and steady source of assistance for your loved one, allowing him or her to live comfortably and safely at home.

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