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Our Process

Tender Mercies will begin considering you and your loved one’s unique needs from the moment we receive your call or inquiry. To begin the process we will ask you some basic questions to help us form an initial needs assessment.


The next step is to coordinate a visit in the home of the family member who may ultimately benefit from our care. It is important that we meet with you and any other members of your family that may be involved in providing care. These consultations are very important because they help us to gather additional information, answer your questions and help you understand how Tender Mercies can be of benefit to you.


After the initial meeting, Lauren will develop an Individualized Service Plan tailored to your loved one's unique needs. The Individualized Service Plan will provide detailed direction for your caregiver. She will explain the plan in detail and will make modifications per your direction.


Once the Individualized Service Plan is approved, we begin the process of identifying potential caregivers. When looking for caregiver candidates, Tender Mercies takes numerous factors into consideration, including: services required, your loved one's interests, and the personalities of both your loved one and the caregiver. This approach helps us to better provide your loved one with the best caregiver possible. On the rare occasion that a caregiver does not meet your expectations you always have the option of requesting a replacement at any time.


Our caregivers are required to keep notes about the services they provide each day. These notes are also available for inspection. Agency administrators make regular unannounced visits to the homes to ensure caregivers are following the specifics of the Individualized Service Plan.

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