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Our Story

Tender Mercies was founded in 2010 after Tony and Shana Jeter experienced, first hand, the challenges associated with caring for Tony's aging parents. Those experiences sparked an aspiration to help families stretched thin by the demands of caring for a loved one. When Lauren & Chris Glenn took over management of Tender Mercies, their desire was to continue operating with the same philosophies and approaches developed by the Jeters. 


In visiting with many, many other families, we have learned that no two families’ needs are the same; one may need respite or part-time care, while another may need full-time care. That’s why Tender Mercies carefully considers each specific situation to determine the best course of action. Tender Mercies caregivers provide peace of mind to concerned family members that need a helping hand in caring for their loved one. Lauren & Chris work with families to develop individualized plans that are tailored to meet specific budget and care requirements. We can also supplement the care that home health or hospice agencies provide.


Our experienced caregivers can help your loved ones:

  • Maintain their independence

  • Keep their daily routines

  • Live in familiar surroundings

  • Avoid the emotional trauma of leaving their home

  • Cope with their dementia or illness

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